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How to normalize the audio from a video?

How to normalize the audio from a video?


Actually the Mp4Gain coj is simple, as all you have to do with this software. Although this should not deceive us, because software is the most powerful audio normalizer ever developed.

It is simple to use because it was carefully planned for it, but actually under that layer of simplicity hides a deep power able to normalize many video formats and many other audio, which makes it a winner, there is no other software capable of the same:

Video Formats:
mp4, flv, avi
mpeg, mpg
3gp, wmv

Audio Formats:
mp3, mp2, flac
ogg, m4a, aac
wav, ac3

But to answer the initial question, explain it simply must drag or carry on the program of video files you want to normalize, no matter which of the formats is `allowed or when mixed. Incvluso can i9nclouir digital audio files, mixed with music videos. Mp4Gain normalize all at the touch of the button normalize. That’s it, so simple but so effective and powerful.


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