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Video Gain – Normalize audio video or videogain

Video Gain – Normalize audio video or videogain

At first it was the boom of mp3s and everyone was exchanging mp3s.
Nobody started to think that getting so many mp3s from different sources would generate a difference in volume between them.
But it happened …

Then came the first audio normalizers, very rudimentary and with naive ideas, like searching for the volume peak of each mp3 and then amplifying all the mp3 so that those peaks reached the maximum possible audible without distortion.

It soon became apparent that it was not an adequate solution. Rep0layGain then offered a more intelligent solution: based on perception and not just on volume peaks.

The success of mp3gain

And then a small program aàrecio: mp3gain. Everyone released it and it was almost standard for several years.

But then emerged new audio formats more efficient than the heyday of youtube, there arose the need to match the volume of the videos, something like a video gain. A program that could take a flv, mp4, avi, etc and could normalize its audio volume. Something that would make the volume of our videos do not have great differences.

Mp4Gain was the next step. And it was also a boom.

A video and audio converter

Now the version Mp4Gain 2017 offers even more power and offers to be an audio converter and a video converter. That is, simultaneously to normalize the volume of audio or video files, Mp4Gain can convert them into other formats. For example, I take an mp4 file and convert it into an mp3 with normalized audio volume.
Or I take a flv u make it into a normalized avi or vice versa.

This works with a huge variety of audio and video formats.



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