Video Boost Volume – Video Formats

Video Boost Volume – Video Formats

MP4: According to a survey by the development company Sorenson Media multimedia solutions, MP4 format is one of the most used in the videos on the web are achieving a 64% preference for the users. It is also a favorite of mobile device users with a 58% acceptance.
Belonging to the group Moving Picture Experts Group, MPEG-4 has achieved wide circulation among users after the company included Apple in its iTunes software for audiovisual content distribution, as it is a container that can hold inside synchronized audio and video.

MPG: files that are used to signal the satellite and DVD, that is, for DVD and cable TV. They may also have excellent quality (even higher. Avi) but its disadvantage is that can have huge size / weight

WMV: video format developed by Microsoft and integrated into Windows, so it has great image quality, though not as good as. Avi and. Mpg.Su quality and size / weight is a bit lower than mpg

FLV: files that are used for breeding generalemente on the web, for example youtube, serving as its weight is extremely low and its image quality is average and audio is good, but you can not compare to. Avi obviously

3gp: files commonly used for portable media player, such as phones, so your audio and video are terrible, not to mention that the resolution is adequate to screen cell, ie a maximum of 330×230 are almost, by what they can not have very good quality playback on the computer. Its advantage is that its size / weight is reduced and can be played on portable media, as mentioned before, in cell

AVI: video format with excellent quality of both audio and image and considerable size / weight in relation to its quality, I would say it is the best as it achieves clarity and quality of Blue Ray discs, with a very real picture and sometimes multiple audio tracks (or languages) to a file. I should clarify that having, or download a file to convert. Avi not guarantee absolute quality I’ve described, but if you get the chance, ever, to have a. Avi very good you will realize that can have a quality spectacular

.3 Gp and .3 g2: The extension used on 3G mobile telephony, audio and video storage.

Note that in regard to the type of file with a. Mp4, is often used as one of the best alternatives. Mp3, especially in the most modern devices and Apple products like the iPod and iTunes store .

This is mainly due to the quality of the AAC codec that is stored in the. Mp4, is actually superior to that offered by the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.


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