Mp4Gain: video and audio normalization

What is Replay Gain?

If you attach Replay Gain information (from now will name as “RG”) to a number of files, an audio-RG support to be able to read that information plays all tracks with the same volume autitivo. So if you have tracks of different albums with different levels of recording, played as if they belonged to the same album with the same recording level, unifying its volume. Audio data actually not changed with this recording method, so that the process can be perfectly reversible.

Mp4Gain uses ReplayGain?

Yes and no. That is, is an option that you can select ustted.
Mp4Gain performs a normalization arcvhivo modifying the original (actually makes a copy) where the volume is taken to the optimum level as possible, or simply not amplified evenly throughout the video or song, but each frame is optimized itself . A 3-minute song has averaged 7 million frames.

After this normalization, you can apply (or not) the Replay Gain, ie nbasicamente is optional and depends on whether you are going to play your video or song on hardware capable of reading and playing the Replay Gain or not.

The normalization performed by defaul Mp4Gain not require the player is capable of playing Replay Gain, is, as a normalization dciamos amending file itself, greatly improving it and it sounded so no matter which team you play.

Are there some video normalization software?

Well, that’s one of the options offered by the Mp4Gain lets you normalize the audio from your videos in the following formats (the most popular): mp4, flv, avi, mpeg, mpg, 3gp, wmv.

You can normalize  the following audio formats (also the most popular): mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, acc, wav, ac3.

You can remove noise environment of the videos or you hear a voice more clearly?

If. That elk has an equalizer software that allows you to perform these and other functions, such as giving a more modern sound … or older and many other things.

ReplayGain, as standard proposes a desired volume level and a setting that can be applied to each audio. The player adjusts the gain as audio level in comparasion with this optimal level.

The idea of both the normalize option, as the Replay Gain, is to prevent volume fluctuations characteristic of any collection of videos or audio files.

Ideally, you should download the trial version of Mp4Gain and test your video or audio files to corroborate how amazing their quality, ease of use and unparalleled results.


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