Mp4Gain Tutorial

Mp4Gain Tutorial


Actually Mp4Gain use, although it is very complete, is perfectly designed to be super easy and very fast learning.

The first thing to do is load a file or directory. To this must go to the menu and the specific role PLS. Mp4Gain can normalize a file or do batch normalize. Also can you do drag and drop to load files into the program

Another thing I find is that the Mp4Gain has many skins, just for that you choose one that fits over your screen or your tastes and the menu offers an easy way to choose a skin

You can normalize the files from the menu, you can return the settings to their original state in case you want to revert changes made and can also easily find the output directory is where you will find the standard arvhivos.

Enter the password and username is also something that is done from the menu.

Normalize Options

This option is on the right side of the window allows you to choose whether the file should be kept standard bitrate and samplerate I had the original or if you wish to resample or change the bitrate. This is useful, and especially music files, to standardize suis files. A Samplerate of 44,100 is the minimum acceptable for high fidelity and bitrate should generally be above 160.


Tempo & Pitch

These options only work if the checkbox is checked.

Modify the pitch allows you to do at all without affecting the speed or beats per minuite of the song. If you change the pitch slightly the result is very natural.

Change the tempo (beats per minute) lets you change the speed by more rapidfo audio or slower, but without changing the pitch, was able to get very interesting results.
It is extremely useful for special versions of songs.

Choose the version of the tags (chosen by default) makes the new standard has the file that had the original tags.


This option works before the normalizer (which is important because it usually does not saturate the music unless you overdo too equalization), allows bass booster, involving giving a boost to the bass of a song. But you can also reinforce eg brightness, etc.. It also has presets and presets for most needs.

Choose the quality you want to contain the video, this directly affects the file size.

Replay Gain

Some people are affected by Reeplay Gain, so we’ve added to the software. While standardization of Mp4Gain is generally much better and makes the use of the Replay Gain, as there are people who want to have the option of Replay Gain, we have included in the program.

Destination Directory

Here choose one target directory or if you want files to overwrite the original standard or to be stored in the same directory without replacement.


This button is very important in the program, just press it and normalize all files have been loaded into the program, the new standardized files will be listed on the Destination Directory once you finish qye normalize each.

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