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Video Formats:

  • mp4, flv, avi
  • mpeg, mpg 
  • 3gp, wmv

Audio Formats:

  • mp3, mp2, flac
  • ogg, m4a, aac 
  • wav, ac3

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mp3gain alternative

Mp3Gain Alternative for 2014

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Mp3Gain oli erittäin onnistunut vuosikymmen sitten, ReplayGain algoritmi on toimivin vaihtoehto. Se oli aikakausi, jolloin Winamp sulkea täysin, ja mp3 oli puolestaan vaihtoehto kuunnella ääntä kunnollinen ääni tietokoneeseen käyttämättä valtavia määriä levytilaa vain. 
Nyt tilanne on toinen.
Ääni on paljon suurempi määrä.Pelaajien taso on korkeampi. Ihmiset kuuntelevat paitsi muysica Winamp, mutta kannettavat mediasoittimet, toimintotunnisteiden puhelimet, netbooks, jne.. So a more radical solution , in the sense that the audio file is actually changed, and need not be necessary that the player reads a certain tags , as was the case of Replay Gain . Mp4Gain other hand , really does match the level of volume, taking it to its maximum optimization possible.Achieved also boost the volume at the best level, all files are mp3 or any other of the various formats it can handle.
On the other hand , adds novelty to even normalize the audio from a video to its popular formats.
Ie Mp4Gain is 2014 and not 2003 , as was Mp3Gain . 

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Mp4Gain Formats:

Mp4Gain käsittelee Tämä muoto:

  • Audio: MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, M4a
  • Video: MP4, FLV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, 3GP, WMV

Mp3Gain alternative: Mp4Gain.
Mp4Gain is definitely what is fashionable in 2014.And it's not just a fad, it's the quality of their results, which has positioned itself as the standard for normalizing audio for music and videos.
Mp4Gain is the program that manages analyze and modify each of the millions of frames that make an audio file or video.And this means that makes every frame reaches its best volume.Which means that the file has an optimized level even at 100% volume.

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"I use old mp3gain for many years, but lklego a time when I no longer was sufficient and there, fortunately discovered the Mp4Gain, which has been the perfect solution." 

-Joanna Grassi - Italy



"I use high quality equiopos to play my music, working in the music business and I am extremely picky.
Mp4Gain is the only program I know of that can really make a huge difference in the volume level, either digital audio files or audio from videos.I really recommend it.

-Ian Snigger - Lituania






Mp4Gain manage the most popular audio and video formats 
Mp4Gain achieved normalize the audio volume of, more popular known formats (and better quality), both audio and video.
Gone is the limitation of the mp3, but now you can choose from more modern and efficient format, if desired.You can also normalize audio from videos, in this "age of video."

Change Pitch and Tempo


Mp4Gain allows you to change the pitch or the tempo, each one without affecting the other
You can change the mood of a song or a voice, raising or lowering various tones without affect at all speed.Similarly, you could change the speed of a song, making it more slowly or accelerating it, without the pitch is changed at all.

Mp3Gain alternative 


In this 2014 and upcoming 2015, you need to actually change the volume level for each song or audio of any video, and after that actually have their most optimal level without importanr if played on your computer, a phone, a DVD laptop, the recording to DVD or CD, etc.. 

Replay Gain (like Mp3Gain)


Mp4Gain is the best Mp3Gain alternative.
For those seeking an alternative to mp3gain , we could definitely tell that the Mp4Gain is the answer.Mainly because is fully updated as to the formats it can handle (some did not exist 10 years ago) and the same conception of the software, which works the same way as they do the expensive hardware equipment used by large stations radio and television, to ensure that no sudden changes in volume during the transmission of music, voices, advertising, etc... the volume is constant and that is what finally achieved Mp4Gain.



Mp4Gain tarjoaa mahdollisuuden soveltaa TRIM (valinnainen)
that is to eliminate the leadinbg and/or final silence of a song.

Tunnisteet (kuten Mp3Gain)


Mp4Gain kopioida Tunnisteet sisältävät tiedostot
Major audio-formaatteja, kuten Ogg Vorbis, APE, ID3 ID3 V1 ja V2, jne...